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About nightfallz.net:

This is a personal hobby web site, built with hand-coded HTML (Notepad is your friend) on what I like to call my spare time. It is an ongoing project with a permanent status of being under construction. I design this to look reasonably good primarily in Mozilla Firefox, and possibly Opera. Anything that doesn't work too well in Internet Explorer, well, may or may not get fixed later. Click the links to download a proper web browser, unless you already have one. They're free.

About the author:

My name is Bjørnar, more commonly known online by my internet nickname inshadowz. I am a 39 year old self-proclaimed computer geek from Norway, with previous work experience from both the taxi and supermarket business. Currently enjoying employment at a computer and internet technical support hotline, which has pretty much been my second home for the last eight years and counting. I have a girlfriend, and two daughters aged ten and sixteen.

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    And without further ado ...

    To be replaced with a banner holding the word “photo” instead of “enter” as soon as I get around to re-photoshopping it.

    One of the things that I enjoy and do most is to take pictures. I usually bring a camera with me wherever I go, and sometimes I even end up with a good picture. Some of those find their way to places like Flickr, Phlog or deviantART. This is hobby only, though I like to think of myself as an advanced amateur.

    Current weapons of choice:

    inshadowz. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr


    Life just isn't complete unless I get my daily fix of comic strips. To save myself all the tedious bother of typing and fiddling my way around to read them, I decided to throw together this wee little bonanza of links here on my homepage. After all, it is MY homepage. Be warned that these links open in new windows, not all of them are daily, and some (the last seven) are even in Norwegian.

    [comics.com] [9 Chickweed Lane] [B.C.] [Betty] [The Buckets] [Dilbert] [Get Fuzzy] [The Grizzwells] [Liberty Meadows] [Opus] [Over The Hedge] [Pearls Before Swine] [Rose Is Rose] [User Friendly] [Pibgorn] [Sinfest] [The Noob Comic] [Teh Gladiators] [Mutts] [Freefall] Norwegian: [Pondus] [Rutetid] [Nemi] [M] [Bizarro] [Dilbert] [Lagunen]

    Or, if you'd like a speed-reading approach, try this comic links sidebar instead.

    The Comic Universes of “Pibgorn” and “9 Chickweed Lane” are created by Brooke McEldowney



    I usually throw in a few hours of BF2 every week. My in-game nick is inshadowz, I currently rank as 1st Sergeant, and am most often seen, or shot, or usually both, on the Battlefield Gotland servers (#01 All Maps, #09 All Maps, #11 Highway Tampa). I'm usually medic, and prefer to play in squads that use some sort of VoIP (cracking jokes in the middle of battle is half the fun).

    My tracking pages:


    Battlefield 1942

    Somewhat less frequently than BF2, but still every now and then, I head into battle and humiliation on BF1942, the original Battlefield. Here, too, I am known as inshadowz, though I no longer play have any regular server that I play on.

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